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MONDAY, 23 JULY 2018, 04:12


ADHD Drugs Aren’t Doing What You Think, Scientists Warn

Saturday at 05:30 AM, via Slashdot

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Inverse: The study authors Lisa Weyandt, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Rhode Island, and Tara White, Ph.D., an assistant professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Brown University, started out investigating the effects of ADHD medications in students that actually have a diagnosable attention deficit disorder. They showed...

Social Media Manipulation Rising Globally, New Oxford Report Warns

Saturday at 04:05 AM, via Slashdot

A new report from Oxford University found that manipulation of public opinion over social media platforms is growing at a large scale, despite efforts to combat it. “Around the world, government agencies and political parties are exploiting social media platforms to spread junk news and disinformation, exercise censorship and control, and undermine trust in media, public institutions and...

FCC Opens Public Comments On T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

Saturday at 03:25 AM, via Slashdot

Now is your chance to voice your opinion on the $26 billion merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. The FCC is now accepting comments as well as formal petitions to deny the merger until August 27th. The companies and supporters of the deal can then file oppositions to those petitions by September 17th, while a final round of replies has a deadline of October 9th. Engadget reports: Anyone can file...

Can Nike’s $250 Running Shoes Make You Run Faster? NYT Analysis Says Yes

Saturday at 02:45 AM, via Slashdot

Last year, Nike released a new pair of running shoes that claim to make you run 4% faster, thanks to its proprietary sole technology. The new “Vaporfly 4%” shoes would, in theory, “be enough to help a runner break the mythical two-hour marathon barrier for the first time,” Fast Company points out. The New York Times decided to put the shoes to the test through an intensive analysis of 500,000...

New Wearable Sensor Detects Stress Hormone In Sweat

Saturday at 02:03 AM, via Slashdot

An anonymous reader quotes a report from IEEE Spectrum: Today, a team of researchers at Stanford, led by materials science and engineering associate professor Alberto Salleo and postdoctoral research fellow Onur Parlak, announced in Science Advances that they’ve developed a wearable patch that can determine how much cortisol someone is producing in seconds, using sweat drawn from the skin under...

PeerTube, the ‘Decentralized YouTube,’ Succeeds In Crowdfunding

Saturday at 01:20 AM, via Slashdot

A crowdfunded project, known as “PeerTube,” has blown through its initial goal with 53,100 euros collected in forty-two days. The project aims to be “a fully decentralized version of YouTube, whose computer code is freely accessible and editable, and where videos are shared between users without relying on a central system.” The goal is PeerTube to officially launch by October. Quariety...

Waymo’s Autonomous Vehicles Are Driving 25,000 Miles Every Day

Saturday at 00:40 AM, via Slashdot

With Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval at the National Governors Association, Waymo CEO John Krafcik announced a huge milestone: Waymo’s fleet of self-driving vehicles are now logging 25,000 miles every day on public roads. The company reportedly has 600 self-driving Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans on the road in 25 cities. Waymo has also driven 8 million miles on public roads using its...

Uber Drivers ‘Employees’ For Unemployment Purposes, New York Labor Board Says

Saturday at 00:00 AM, via Slashdot

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: New York City’s largest taxi driver advocacy group is hailing a legal decision by the New York State Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board, which ruled last Friday that three out-of-work Uber drivers can be considered employees for the purpose of unemployment benefits. The decision was first reported Thursday by Politico. In other words,...

Containers or Virtual Machines: Which is More Secure?

Friday at 23:20 PM, via Slashdot

Are virtual machines (VM) more secure than containers? You may think you know the answer, but IBM Research has found containers can be as secure, or more secure, than VMs. From a report: James Bottomley, an IBM Research Distinguished Engineer and top Linux kernel developer, writes: “One of the biggest problems with the current debate about Container vs Hypervisor security is that no-one has...

Who Owns the Moon? A Space Lawyer Answers

Friday at 22:40 PM, via Slashdot

An anonymous reader shares a report: While the legal status of the Moon as a “global commons” accessible to all countries on peaceful missions did not meet any substantial resistance or challenge, the Outer Space Treaty left further details unsettled. Contrary to the very optimistic assumptions made at the time, so far humankind has not returned to the moon since 1972, making lunar land rights...

Droppers Is How Android Malware Keeps Sneaking Into the Play Store

Friday at 22:00 PM, via Slashdot

Catalin Cimpanu, writing for BleepingComputer: For the past year, Android malware authors have been increasingly relying on a solid trick for bypassing Google’s security scans and sneaking malicious apps into the official Play Store. The trick relies on the use of a technique that’s quite common in desktop-based malware, but which in the last year is also becoming popular on the Android market....

Microsoft PowerShell Core For Linux Now Available as a Snap

Friday at 21:20 PM, via Slashdot

Canonical announced on Friday that Microsoft’s PowerShell Core is now available on Linux platform as a Snap. From a report: If you aren’t familiar, a Snap is essentially a packaged version of a program that can be easily installed on many Linux distributions. Many see it as the future of Linux, as it has the potential to reduce fragmentation. “Built on the .NET Framework, PowerShell is an open...

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