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SATURDAY, 24 MARCH 2018, 19:53

South Africa

One killed, several injured after bakkie rolls

Today at 18:59 PM, via News24

One person was killed and seven others were injured after a bakkie rolled on the corner of Edwards Ave and the R28 in Westonaria, Gauteng.


Greek shipping tycoon denies drugs charges

Today at 18:04 PM, via Reuters

ATHENS (Reuters) – Greek shipping tycoon and the owner of Olympiakos Piraeus and Nottingham Forest soccer teams, Vangelis Marinakis, denied any links to drug trafficking on Saturday, a day after a Greek prosecutor brought preliminary charges against him.


War of words over DRC’s humanitarian crisis as children die

Today at 18:03 PM, via News24

A war of words has broken out between the United Nations and the DRC government which is shunning a donor conference in Geneva to raise $1.7 billion to tackle a humanitarian crisis that Kinshasa says has been vastly exaggerated by aid workers.


Six suburbs in Cape Town that still offer really good property value

Today at 18:00 PM, via BusinessTech

As Cape Town property prices continue to outpace that of most areas, buyers may despair thinking that they won’t be able to capitalise on a great location and the famous lifestyle on offer, but Seeff’s agents say there are many areas which offer a great deal and you can still enjoy the same benefits.


Ramaphosa welcomes new continental free trade agreement

Wednesday at 19:46 PM, via News24

President Cyril Ramaphosa has welcomed the adoption by the African Union of an agreement of free trade on the continent as “a new beginning for the continent that will catapult African countries and companies to much higher levels of growth”.


Secret Teacher: we’re setting dyslexic children up to feel like failures

Today at 09:30 AM, via The Guardian

Pupils with dyslexia are at a disadvantage in tests, and we don’t have the resources to give them the help they need

Read more from the Secret Teacher

It is Monday morning and our year 3 literacy lesson is under way. The child I’m funded to work with is using an iPad while they have a break, watching a show aimed at helping children with additional needs develop communication skills. I walk...


Cambridge Analytica academic’s work upset university colleagues

Today at 08:00 AM, via The Guardian

Emails reveal rows over Aleksandr Kogan’s ‘get rich quick scheme’ with Facebook data

One of the world’s best universities is coming under increased pressure over how it handled concerns raised about the mass data harvesting at the heart of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, after a cache of emails revealed heated exchanges between senior academics involved.

The May 2014 emails seen...


Netflix and Formula One team up for documentary series

Today at 13:10 PM, via Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – Netflix are to make a documentary series chronicling the 2018 Formula One season and which will be screened next year, the sport’s rights holders announced on Saturday ahead of the opening race in Australia.


Can We Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria With Non-Antibiotic Drugs?

Today at 18:34 PM, via Slashdot

Slashdot reader Bruce66423 shares what researchers learned by studying the effect of drugs on bacteria in the gut:
The research reveals that it’s not just antibiotics that have the effect of causing resistance to antibiotics. “Of the drugs in the study, 156 were antibacterials (144 antibiotics and 12 antiseptics). But a further 835, such as painkillers and blood-pressure pills, were not...


William Shatner Criticizes Facebook Hoax Ad Announcing His Death

Today at 17:34 PM, via Slashdot

“William Shatner is alive and well — in fact, he turned 87 on Thursday, so the actor was not pleased when he saw an ad on Facebook sharing a story about his alleged death,” writes the Hollywood Reporter. An anonymous reader quotes People:

“@WilliamShatner I thought you might want to know you’re dead,” a Twitter user wrote, along with a screenshot of the ad. Less than a half hour later, Shatner...


10 things you need to know about TB

Today at 10:24 AM, via Health24

This World TB Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) is calling on leaders to work together and commit to bringing an end to one of the world’s deadliest diseases –tuberculosis (TB).


World Water Day 2018: Nature for Water

Thursday at 15:26 PM, via CapeNature

The 22nd March, is World Water Day and the theme for 2018 is ‘Nature for Water’ which encourages us to find solutions in nature to the challenges we face with water shortages. In South Africa, this day forms part of National Water Week which is from 18 March to 24 March in 2018. In this […]


Human Rights Day 2018

Tuesday at 23:59 PM, via CapeNature

In South Africa, Human Rights Day is celebrated on the 21st March every year, in remembrance of the Sharpeville massacre which took place on 21 March 1960. Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. They apply regardless of where you are from, […]


How Nature Reserves Supply Water to the Cape Metro

07 March at 11:19 AM, via CapeNature

Most of the nature reserves managed by CapeNature are in mountainous areas where most of our rain falls. Just eight percent of South Africa’s land produces 50% of its surface water. These high water yield mountainous areas are strategic water resource areas and include the Boland Mountains, Groot Winterhoek and the Cape Peninsula which provide […]