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MONDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER 2018, 11:57

South Africa

‘SA Express quietly bleeding away’

Today at 09:59 AM, via Eyewitness News

The embattled airline has said it needs a bailout of least R1.74 billion to keep its aircraft flying.


Merkel acknowledges mishandling of spymaster dispute

Today at 10:53 AM, via Reuters

Conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday acknowledged public misgivings about her handling of a dispute over the future of Germany’s spymaster and said she would pour her energy into issues that matter more for Germans.


Top Africa stories: Zim cholera, Moz, Tanzania

Today at 10:33 AM, via News24

Zimbabwean authorities have reportedly expressed outrage over the cholera screening process introduced by Zambian authorities, and at least people have been 12 killed and 14 others have been wounded in Mozambique jihadist attacks, says a source.


Cholera kills 97 in Nigeria’s northeast

Today at 09:30 AM, via News24

A cholera outbreak in Nigeria’s northeast has killed nearly 100 people over the past two weeks and infected thousands more, the United Nations says.


SAA plots plan to reach profitability in the next three years

Today at 09:57 AM, via BusinessTech

South African Airways is making progress with its plan to reach profitability in the next three years, even it faces challenges such as a jump in fuel prices, chief executive officer Vuyani Jarana said in an interview.


Cryptocurrency in your estate

Today at 09:01 AM, via BusinessTech

With the rise in the number of investors in South Africa holding cryptocurrencies as part of their investment portfolio, international family office Stonehage Fleming is calling for a more responsible approach to ensure an enduring financial and family legacy for future generations.


What to make of Dlamini-Zuma’s warning about land

Friday at 11:06 AM, via News24

Dr Nkosozana Dlamini-Zuma’s comment that “patience on the land issue is wearing dangerously thin” is often made by political leaders, but has little basis in fact, writes Frans Cronje.


I’m a ‘scapegoat’ – sacked Mathews

Today at 10:28 AM, via News24

Sri Lanka’s sacked skipper Angelo Mathews has accused the country’s cricket board of blaming him solely for the island’s humiliating exit from the Asia Cup.


Nigeria:Professor Ejiofor Bags Honorary Citizenship Certificate in U.S.A

Today at 09:46 AM, via All Africa

[Leadership] Fate, providence and hardwork; these are several factors that determine the outcome of an individual’s life from birth to death. Whatever destiny has planned for a man, diligence and determination can help tilt the trajectory.


How South Africa’s pro gamers train in the US

Today at 09:53 AM, via MyBroadband

Bravado Gaming, one of South Africa’s best professional gaming organisations, has sent its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team to the United States.


Famed Mathematician Claims Proof of 160-Year-Old Riemann Hypothesis

Today at 09:07 AM, via Slashdot

Slashdot reader OneHundredAndTen writes: Sir Michael Atiyah claims to have proved the Riemann hypothesis. This is not some internet crank, but one the towering figures of mathematics in the second half of the 20th century. The thing is, he’s almost 90 years old. According to New Scientist, Atiyah is set to present his “simple proof” of the Riemann hypothesis on Monday at the Heidelberg Laureate...


Breastfeeding better for babies’ weight gain than pumping

Today at 09:21 AM, via CNN

Research has already shown a link between breastfeeding and lower obesity risk for babies. But a new study finds another association: “Breast is best” for them even compared with giving babies breast milk out of the bottle.


Access Week 2018 is in Full Swing!

18 September at 21:05 PM, via CapeNature

September is Heritage Month in South Africa and, to celebrate, CapeNature is once again providing free access to all of our reserves to day visitors from 17-24 September. We asked you to share your pics on social media as you venture into the great outdoors with friends and family and the response has been great. […]


Access Week 2018 – My Nature, My Heritage

10 September at 16:39 PM, via CapeNature

CapeNature is delighted to announce that access to all CapeNature reserves will be free from 17 – 24 September 2018 during Heritage month. Heritage has been defined as “that which we inherit: the sum total of wild life and scenic parks, sites of scientific or historical importance, national monuments, historic buildings, works of art, literature […]


Gauteng Conservation Plan – Planning for Biodiversity

03 September at 15:26 PM, via

The post Gauteng Conservation Plan – Planning for Biodiversity appeared first on Environment News South Africa.

Gauteng Nature Conservation (hereafter Conservation), a component of the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) produced the Gauteng Conservation Plan Version 3 (CPlan 3) in December 2010. The conservation plan was edited on three occasions since then: C-Plan...