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Who owns what in South Africa?

Today at 12:01, SAST

Thomas Piketty's message about a global wealth tax found fertile ground in South Africa.

Jacob Zuma and the untouchable Mr Panday


Explosive new evidence suggests one man and his relationship with the Zuma family are central to the havoc in the criminal justice system.

Malnutrition rises despite social grants


South Africa's children are bearing the brunt of increasing food prices – and the effects may be permanent.

Hitachi now in AfDB's sights


The company has already coughed up R260m after US SEC charged it over payments to ANC funding front Chancellor House.

A permanent job is hard to find


Precarious work is becoming the norm as bosses increase their levels of exploitation.

Warden wilts while Zwane lords it in his Nkandla


The public protector is investigating claims that the opulent home of Minerals Minister Mosebenzi Zwane was built on municipal land meant for a park.

Factions advance on ANC NGC battleground


The ruling party's national general council is likely to see grandstanding rather than performance review.

Has paternity denial become the norm in SA?

Thursday at 16:00, SAST

Women often blame themselves for their pregnancy, whereas men are "innocent until proven guilty", a debate on paternity at Wits University has heard.

DA to deal with Kohler Barnard after PW Botha post

Thursday at 12:25, SAST

Mmusi Maimane insists Dianne Kohler Barnard will be dealt with by a disciplinary hearing after she shared a Facebook post praising PW Botha.

Sources of party funding to remain private - court rules

Wednesday at 16:37, SAST

But a minority judgment would have granted My Vote Counts's wish to see Parliament pass legislation giving citizens fair access to party funding info.

Source: Mail & Guardian Online


Assad warns of Mid-East destruction

Today at 18:38, SAST

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says a coalition between Syria, Russia, Iran and Iraq must succeed "or else the whole region will be destroyed".

French Riviera floods leave 16 dead

Today at 17:51, SAST

At least 16 people die after violent storms and flooding hit the French Riviera, including three elderly people who drowned in their retirement home.

Source: BBC News


Burundi: Fresh Clashes Erupt As EU Sanctions Regime Figures

Today at 18:51, SAST

[Deutsche Welle] Clashes between police and anti-government protesters have left at least 12 dead in Burundi's capital, Bujumbura. The EU has imposed sanctions on four people with ties to the president for "undermining democracy."

South Sudan: Displaced and Hungry After South Sudan's Peace Deal

Today at 10:13, SAST

[Al Jazeera] Cradles and baskets balanced on their heads, thousands of women and children streamed in from the bush to two outposts in the swamps of Koch county in Unity state, the heart of South Sudan's civil war.

Source: All Africa


Fuel price adjustments announced

Yesterday at 07:06, SAST

The fuel price adjustment for October is out.

Lack of land reform fuels SA inequality

Friday at 11:01, SAST

The lack of a large-scale, forced land redistribution from the rich to the poor has fuelled inequality in South Africa, world-renowned French economist Thomas Piketty said.