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The M&G invites applications for a social justice fellowship

Today at 13:13, SAST

If social justice is your beat, we'd like to invite you to apply for the M&G and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation's social justice reporting fellowship.

Race 'science' resurfaces but not all is black and white


Gavin Evans, a former South African journalist, tackles the notion that intelligence is skin deep.

Peers fear upright water affairs official was assassinated


Hawks investigators have taken over the case, initially thought to be just a robbery gone wrong

Zuma remains quiet on Marikana


Is it really going to take a legal battle to "remind" President Jacob Zuma to release the Farlam commission's report on the Marikana massacre?

Xenophobia: 'They know they can kill us and we can't do a thing'


The police and army's Operation Fiela is only fuelling xenophobia, say NGOs and visitors from nearby countries.

The savage truth behind the Marikana massacre


Nick Davies uncovers the story of "the man in the green blanket", who died trying to broker peace, and reveals the complicity of the powers that be.

Shake hands with us on nuclear deal, says Rosatom


The state-owned firm's nuclear ambassador, Professor Vladimir Artisyuk, is in South Africa to sing the praises of Russia's nuclear technology.

Editorial: The wheel turns and cronies burn


Given the faction-ridden nature of South African politics and the deep divisions in the ANC, a further turn of the wheel is quite conceivable.

McBride case opens can of worms


The suspended IPID boss appears set to accuse minister of having ulterior motives

South Africa’s grass is still greener


Malawian victims of xenophobia repatriated from South Africa are drifting back in large numbers

Source: Mail & Guardian Online


Bomber attacks Saudi Shia mosque

Today at 14:29, SAST

A suicide bomber strikes a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, leaving at least 10 dead, amid rising Sunni-Shia tensions in the region.

Key Iraq-Syria crossing 'falls to IS'

Today at 11:38, SAST

Islamic State militants reportedly seize the last Syrian government-controlled border crossing with Iraq, after taking ancient Palmyra.

Source: BBC News


Kenya: Fresh Attack Thwarted in Garissa County - Govt

Today at 12:02, SAST

[Capital FM] Nairobi -Police officers on Thursday thwarted an attempted terror attack at Yumbis village in Ijara constituency within Garissa County by Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab militia.

Ethiopia: Landslide Likely for Ethiopia's Long-Time Rulers

Today at 08:26, SAST

[Al Jazeera] When Ethiopia's ruling party and its allies won 99.6 percent of the vote in the country's last elections five years ago, some wondered if a government often accused of suffocating the opposition would be embarrassed.

Source: All Africa


Stage 2 power cuts all day long

Today at 13:06, SAST

Eskom on Friday confirmed that it will implement stage two load shedding for the rest of the day.

CWU hopes to resolve MTN grievances

Today at 12:54, SAST

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) says it will meet with management from MTN at midday today in the hopes of ending a strike that has entered its third day.