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MONDAY, 23 JANUARY 2017, 20:49

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Arizona Air Force base on lockdown

Today at 20:21 PM, via News24

Officials say Davis-Monthan Air Force base in Arizona is on lockdown after unconfirmed reports of gunshot sounds.

Top Stories

Police in contempt of court – SJC

Today at 20:16 PM, via News24

The Social Justice Coalition says that the police minister and several police commissioners are in contempt of court for failing to file responding papers in a court case it brought against them.

South Africa

Traditional Courts Bill: What’s changed?

Today at 20:16 PM, via News24

The new Traditional Courts Bill has been redrafted to address fears that it gives traditional leaders too much power and women not enough, Deputy Justice Minister John Jeffery has said.


Protests Over Bull Riding Turn Violent in India

Today at 20:32 PM, via New York Times

The traditional sport of jallikattu was banned by the Supreme Court for animal cruelty, leading to protests over a loss of cultural identity.


Erdogan eyes rail bid, Gulen schools on Tanzania visit

Today at 19:45 PM, via News24

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan began a visit to Tanzania focusing on a bid to build a $7.6b railway and on concern over schools run by dissident cleric Fethullah Gulen.


Egypt since its revolution six years ago

Today at 19:45 PM, via News24

Key developments in Egypt since its January 2011 uprising that brought down president Hosni Mubarak who ruled for three decades:


Top Africa stories: Jammeh, Zim, Nigeria

Today at 19:44 PM, via News24

Yahya Jammeh stole millions of dollars in his final weeks in power, and Zimbabwe’s education minister says “sport and mass display” will now be a compulsory school subject up to age 16.


SA’s plan to attract more Chinese tourists

Today at 20:31 PM, via Fin24

China has a substantial middle class willing to spend on luxury travel and, therefore, a new project is empowering the SA hospitality industry to grow opportunities.


NUM temporarily saves Anglogold Ashanti jobs

Today at 19:24 PM, via IOL

NUM has successfully negotiated an agreement to avoid retrenchments at AngloGold Ashanti following the mine’s decision to lay off more than 800 workers.


EFF gunning for all ward by-elections

Today at 15:10 PM, via Times Live

The Economic Freedom Fighters are gunning for all ward by-elections in which they intend unseating the African National Congress.


Malema takes aim at Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane

Today at 14:27 PM, via Times Live

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Monday fired a barrage of criticism at South Africa’s Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane‚ despite his party approving her appointment last year.


Redelinghuys’ future still in doubt

Today at 20:30 PM, via News24

Lions and Springbok prop Julian Redelinghuys is still hopefull of a return to rugby despite doctors not being very optimistic.


Gabon left to ponder wider worries after Cup exit

Today at 20:13 PM, via Sport Live

Sporting agony in the shape of an early elimination from their own Africa Cup of Nations has only added to the other woes facing Gabon, a country already in the midst of a political and economic crisis.


‘Resident Evil’ goes back to survival horror roots for new game

Today at 20:12 PM, via Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – Videogame series ‘Resident Evil’ goes back to its ‘survival horror’ roots for its new installment with players experiencing the new game from a first person perspective for the first time, according to Japanese videogame maker Capcom.


China Cracks Down On International VPN Usage

Today at 20:40 PM, via Slashdot

An anonymous reader writes: China’s government has announced a 14-month crackdown on the use of unauthorised Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), commonly used by visitors and native activists, amongst others, to communicate with the world beyond the Great Firewall of China. Sunday’s announcement [Chinese] from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reiterated regulations first...


Ottoman tombstone among ancient treasures recovered by Europol

Today at 20:35 PM, via The Guardian

Collaboration between police from 18 countries leads to recovery of 3,561 ancient artefacts and 75 arrests

Police from 18 countries have recovered more than 3,500 stolen works of art and ancient artefacts of “great cultural importance” in an operation last year, according to the European police agency.

The haul included a marble Ottoman tombstone, a post-Byzantine icon depicting Saint George...


How can you measure false beliefs? With two dolls and the Sally Anne test …

Today at 20:11 PM, via The Guardian

We may be entering the ‘alternative facts’ era – but psychologists have been studying how we develop an understanding of false beliefs for decades

For decades, developmental psychologists have been fascinated with the question of how children develop theory of mind – in other words, how we come to understand that other people can have different types of thoughts, beliefs and knowledge to...


Can burnt toast and roasted potatoes cause cancer?

Today at 19:00 PM, via CNN

The Food Standards Agency in the UK launched a campaign Monday to warn about cancer risks linked to eating burnt toast, over-roasted potatoes and other starchy foods cooked at high temperatures.


Researchers credit Obamacare with helping find early-stage cancer

Today at 18:43 PM, via Reuters

(Reuters Health) – The Affordable Care Act likely extended the lives of thousands of seniors who took advantage of free screening exams and were diagnosed with treatable, early-stage colorectal cancer, a new study suggests.


Solar Panels – An Option Turning into a Necessity for A Greener Planet

Today at 12:34 PM, via

The post Solar Panels – An Option Turning into a Necessity for A Greener Planet appeared first on Environment News South Africa.

As most of the natural sources are drying up, it is imperative that solar panel installation should be one of the prime concern for residential and commercial customers. A good solar panel power system can help you save 50-60% (or more) of your total electricity bills.


Share the love this Valentine’s Day

Today at 11:56 AM, via CapeNature

“Share the Love” and WIN a two-night stay for two at Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve this Valentine’s Day. Win a host of prizes with CapeNature and Van Loveren wines this Valentine’s Day and you could be gazing into your loved one’s eyes, feeling warm and fuzzy as the sun sets behind you, all while relaxing in the pool. […]


Hiking, the truth about environmentally safe and healthy hiking

Yesterday at 16:20 PM, via

The post Hiking, the truth about environmentally safe and healthy hiking appeared first on Environment News South Africa.

In the US and Canada, hiking refers to long, vigorous walks on trails, especially in the countryside, while shorter, urban walks are simply denoted by “walking”. This is unlike the Republic of Ireland and the UK where walking includes a walk in the park as …