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FRIDAY, 28 OCTOBER 2016, 02:29

Top Stories

The case against the NPA’s shoddy work

Today at 00:00 AM, via Mail & Guardian Online

The Helen Suzman Foundation states that the timing of this subpoena suggests a “desperate, 11th-hour” bid to prop up the prosecution of Gordhan.

Moyane’s own goal rebounds on NPA

Today at 00:00 AM, via Mail & Guardian Online

What’s been revealed is the very shaky ground on which the case against Pravin Gordhan is based.

DA wants breakdown of Zuma’s Nkandla legal bill

Yesterday at 22:39 PM, via News24

The Presidency has fobbed off a DA request to reveal how much was spent on defending President Jacob Zuma during his Nkandla upgrade saga, says the opposition party.

Experts uncover hidden layers of Jesus’ tomb site

Yesterday at 22:20 PM, via News24

A restoration team says it has peeled away the innermost layer of what is revered as Jesus’ tomb for the first time since the 16th century, in an effort to reach the original limestone slab where Jesus’ body was said to have lain.

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