$20 billion and 700,000 jobs from Proposed Shale Gas Projects in the Karoo

South Africa will gazette final regulations for shale gas exploration by June, two years after releasing draft rules and as companies reconsider investments due to volatile oil prices and delays in awarding licenses.

#ThrowBackThursday: SA ‘Lion King’ Is Like One of the Pride

Back in 2009, Sky News interviewed animal behaviourist, Kevin Richardson, about his remarkable friendship with an entire pride of lions in South Africa.

New R300m Wind-Turbine Tower Production Factory Offers Light At The End Of The Tunnel

With South Africa currently in the grip of debilitating rolling black-outs and load shedding due to the Eskom power grid being stretched to capacity, and exacerbated by a loss of capacity at its Majuba power station in Mpumalanga, it comes as a ray of light that GRI - Renewable Industries officially announced the opening of their new R 300 Million wind turbine tower production facility in Atlantis, Cape Town.
SA City to Win ‘Global Earth Hour Capital’ Again this Year?

Earth Hour, which was launched by WWF in 2007, is observed annually on the last Saturday of March each year between 8.30pm and 9.30pm local time in over 160 countries and over 7,000 cities by hundreds of millions of people. Typically, people and city managers switch off their lights for the hour in a symbolic call to global leaders to make smart decisions about dealing with climate change.
Cape Town unveils South Africa's first 'green' taxi rank, South Africa’s largest privately-owned low-fare airline, operated by Comair Limited, recently took to the skies fitted with cutting edge technology to ensure increased fuel efficiency. known for its pioneering approach to aviation, recently fitted a new set of Split Scimitar Winglets (SSW), on one of its aircraft, making it the first African carrier to install this new technology.

Source: The Good News

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Huge protest decries Wits's outsourcing practice

Today at 17:03, SAST

Almost 2 000 students, workers and staff gathered to protest Wits University's "exploitative" practice of outsourcing support workers.

ANCYL leader Collen Maine will not give up his MEC salary

Today at 14:17, SAST

Contrary to past statements, the new ANCYL leader will not be resigning from his MEC position and, therefore, will not relinquish his R1.6m salary.

Source: Mail & Guardian Online


Russia airspace incursion 'no accident'

Today at 18:24, SAST

Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says Russia's violation of Turkish airspace over the weekend "does not look like an accident".

Afghan hospital strike 'a mistake'

Today at 18:43, SAST

The US commander of international forces in Afghanistan says an air strike on a hospital in the city of Kunduz that killed 22 people was a mistake.

Source: BBC News


Africa: 'Decisive Moment for Democracy' - John Kerry

Today at 03:06, SAST

[allAfrica] Washington, DC -Last May, I shared in an extraordinary moment. I had the privilege, together with many leaders from across Africa, of bearing witness to the first peaceful, democratic transition of power between two parties in Nigeria.

Nigeria: Unmaking Nigeria's Boko Haram

Today at 14:01, SAST

[IRIN] Abuja -Is Nigeria attempting the impossible in trying to de-radicalise Boko Haram militants? IRIN's Editor-at-Large Obi Anyadike speaks to the prisoners, their victims, and the de-rad "treatment teams" trying to reintegrate them into society. ...

Source: All Africa