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SATURDAY, 28 MAY 2016, 11:51


South Africas Giant Solar Plant

Monday at 14:36 PM, via

South Africas Giant Solar Plant TerniEnergia, an Italian company, recently completed its giant solar plant near Citrusdal in the Western Cape. According to Times Live once the 82.5MW Paleisheuwel photovoltaic plant reaches optimal operation it will be able to generate a further 153GWh per year, …

Portugal runs four days straight on only renewable energy

Monday at 14:20 PM, via

Portugal kept its lights on with renewable energy alone for four consecutive days last week in a clean energy milestone revealed by data analysis of national energy network figures. Electricity consumption in the country was fully covered by solar, wind and hydro power in an …

Dead Dolphins In Fukushima

Monday at 13:04 PM, via

Japanese scientists have said they have never seen anything as horrific as the massive group of dead dolphins discovered stranded on a beach near the site of the 2011 Fukushima disaster. After conducting an autopsy the scientists found that the dolphins’ lungs were white – which they say is …

Worthless Shiva Mine Valued at R14.7bn

Monday at 13:00 PM, via

A brief history of the Dominion mine is that it was first owned by Aflease, and then by Uranium One. An extensive and professional feasibility study on Dominion was published on 13 September 1996, by the then Gold and Uranium Division Geology Department of Anglo …

Renewables peak at 95 percent German electricity demand

Monday at 10:19 AM, via

According to the calculations by Agora Energiewende, due to the weather conditions on May 8, renewable energy generation in Germany reached a new high. At 11 AM local time, renewables covered a record 95 % of the country’s electricity consumption. On Sunday, May 8, the …

NASA Admit Spraying Poisonous Chemtrails

Monday at 09:19 AM, via

NASA Admit Spraying Poisonous Chemtrails – NASA have admitted to spraying lethal chemtrails into our atmosphere – saying that lithium being sprayed into the Earths ionosphere helps to treat people with manic depression or bi-polar disorder.  NASA personnel have come forward saying that lithium, along …

Worst air pollution in South Africa

Monday at 09:13 AM, via

The World Health Organization has released its 2016 update to the Global Urban Ambient Air Pollution Database, revealing which regions in the world have dirtiest air. The database covers over 3,000 cities across the world, measuring fine particle matter (both PM2.5 and PM10 microns) in …

Honey Bees Still Dying At Alarming Rates

Monday at 09:01 AM, via

After a few years of hopeful signs that America’s bee populations might be bouncing back, there’s some bad news for the insects: over the past year, the USDA has found, over 44% of honeybee colonies have died off across America. While it’s slightly lower than …

International Day for Biological Diversity 2016

20 May at 14:37 PM, via CapeNature

On 22 May each year we celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity. Not only is this a reason to revel in nature, but it is also a reminder of what we as citizens should be doing to help conserve the biodiversity in the Western Cape. In its simplest terms, biodiversity means variety of life. That […]

Communities hold the key to protecting biological assets

20 May at 02:00 AM, via WWF

It is impossible to separate ourselves from the surrounding environment in which we live. Everything we do has an effect on the life and nature of what we come into contact with. The most mundane activities can have either catastrophic or astounding impacts on our world and it's up to us to choose which one. This is why International Day of Biological Diversity is so important. It shows us the...

It's World Fish Migration Day and this is why you should care

19 May at 02:00 AM, via WWF

South Africa is home to many migratory fish species that face the daily threat to their survival through overfishing and other human-made obstacles. World Fish Migration Day is a global initiative with local events worldwide to create awareness of the importance of open rivers and migratory fish.The 21st of May marks the second of its kind and here's why you should care about it: Let's take a...

Deep-sea trawl operators and WWF-SA team up to tackle fishy issues

18 May at 02:00 AM, via WWF

The South African Deep Sea Trawling Industry Association (SADSTIA) has teamed up with WWF South Africa to dramatically improve the management of at least 12 non-target fish species that are caught alongside hake in the offshore demersal trawl fishery.SADSTIA's members are the trawler owners and operators that deliver hake to fish and chip shops in every corner of South Africa; process and...

Exploring the Overberg: Grootvadersbosch and Marloth

17 May at 13:38 PM, via CapeNature

Explore the Overberg with CapeNature this winter, as the land comes alive during the ‘secret season’. The second in our series looking at our nature reserves in the Overberg, this time focusing on Grootvadersbosch and Marloth Nature Reserves. The Overberg, which stretches from the Hottentots Holland mountains in the West to De Hoop Nature Reserve in the East, […]

Giving to WWF is a snap

17 May at 02:00 AM, via WWF

As mobile technology continues to dominate the retail sector, buying goods has never been easier. No more queues, headaches and in-store fights with unhelpful sales personnel. Now we can make our payments for everyday essentials on-the-go with our mobile phones – the most popular mobile app being SnapScan. WWF South Africa has seen this shift in shopping habits and has embraced it by...

Go Beyond The Hour Challenge: The Week Ahead

15 May at 02:00 AM, via WWF

Here's what's coming in the next few days to help you plan: Monday: Put a 1L bottle or similar in your loo's cistern to reduce your flush amount.Tuesday: Pick a personal care product you use often and examine its contents.Wednesday: Find out more about your seafood using the SASSI pocket guide.Thursday: Only drink tap water today.Friday: Take a rest day.Saturday: Find a community...

Event: What is next for Environmentalism?

11 May at 02:00 AM, via WWF

Is environmentalism stuck in a narrative no longer applicable to a broader audience? Is it losing relevance? Or seemingly missing a beat? How should environmentalism move beyond its orthodoxy to best facilitate an equitable future? Eco-modernism is a relatively new approach to environmentalism – one which challenges many of the views that have been held sacrosanct thus far. It has either been...

Communities tackle water supply management in the Ceres Valley

10 May at 02:00 AM, via WWF

In the heart of the picturesque Ceres Valley, community members have been taking steps to address water supply management to benefit their communities and the greater business sector.The Nduli and Prince Alfred Hamlet settlements – fed by tributaries of the Breede River – have seen rapid urban growth with the inclusion of job seekers. This has naturally added pressures to natural resources,...

Exploring the Overberg: De Mond Nature Reserve

09 May at 13:55 PM, via CapeNature

Explore the Overberg with CapeNature this winter, as the land comes alive during the ‘secret season’. The first in a series looking at CapeNature’s nature reserves in the region.  The Overberg, which stretches from the Hottentots Holland mountains in the West to De Hoop Nature Reserve in the East, is host to a variety of landscapes, from dramatic […]

10 questions to ask yourself when greening your diet

06 May at 02:00 AM, via WWF

1. Where do you buy the bulk of your food?We've come to think of food as something straight from the grocery store instead of bounty from the careful stewardship of land and sea.To think differently, you have to start at the source. Ask your local restaurants and stores where they get their food, particularly fresh produce, meat and dairy. From this you can find out how it's grown, raised and...

Updated WWF-SASSI listings raise Green and Red flags for SA's fisheries management

05 May at 02:00 AM, via WWF

Seafood lovers across the country will be excited to hear that WWF-SA has announced a number of changes to its Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) listings as a result of updated assessments that were conducted in 2015. One of the major highlights is the Green-listing (Best Choice) of hake and kingklip caught by the demersal longline sector. This status upgrade will bring...

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