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THURSDAY, 26 MAY 2016, 00:36


MoD criticised over Lariam prescribing

Tuesday at 02:00 AM, via BBC News

Anti-malarial drug Lariam, which can cause severe side-effects, should be the “drug of last resort” for UK troops, MPs on the defence committee say.

The top 10 new species of 2016

Monday at 21:25 PM, via CNN

Scientists believe that 10 million species still await discovery around the world. And every year — on the birthday of Carolus Linnaeus, the 18th century Swedish botanist considered the father of modern taxonomy — the International Institute for Species Exploration releases its list of the top new species (from among about 18,000 found over the previous 12 months).

Can ADHD appear for the first time in adulthood?

Monday at 20:32 PM, via Reuters

(Reuters Health) – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), usually diagnosed in children, may show up for the first time in adulthood, two recent studies suggest.

How to stop superbugs from killing 10 million people a year

Monday at 20:08 PM, via CNN

Superbugs could kill one person every three seconds by 2050, the equivalent of 10 million people a year, according to the final report last week from the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, established in 2014 to keep the world from being “cast back into the dark ages of medicine.”

The top 10 species for 2016

Monday at 20:07 PM, via CNN

Every year, the International Institute for Species Exploration releases its list of the top 10 new species discovered (from among 18,000). Here are the ones for 2016.

Samsung Bioepis applies for approval to sell Remicade biosimilar in U.S.

Monday at 20:03 PM, via Reuters

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korean biosimilars maker Samsung Bioepis Co Ltd said on Tuesday it has applied to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval to sell its version of blockbuster drug Remicade in the world’s biggest healthcare market.

Tiny Robot Can Fly and, Amazingly, Rest

Monday at 18:00 PM, via New York Times

The RoboBee, which weighs a few thousandths of an ounce, uses an electrostatic patch to perch on just about anything.

Gory posters ‘not good for patients’

Monday at 16:41 PM, via BBC News

“Unloved” GP waiting rooms which are covered in leaflets and tatty magazines can increase patients’ anxiety, according to an Edinburgh study.

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