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SATURDAY, 25 MARCH 2017, 05:51


Obamacare exploding? Maybe just a slow burn

Today at 02:41 AM, via Reuters

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday that Obamacare was “exploding” after Republican lawmakers shelved legislation that would have dismantled the healthcare law.

Mexico’s Bachoco pulls possibly contaminated meat from U.S.

Yesterday at 23:25 PM, via Reuters

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s top poultry producer Bachoco has begun the recall of some 1 million pounds of breaded products from its U.S. unit OK Foods that it said were possibly contaminated with metal, the company said in a statement on Friday.

Opioid abuse tied to higher suicide risk in veterans

Yesterday at 20:53 PM, via Reuters

While drug and alcohol problems are associated with a higher risk of suicide among veterans, the increased danger is particularly high with opioid abuse, a U.S. study suggests.

People with type 2 diabetes need to get off their chairs

Yesterday at 18:28 PM, via Reuters

(Reuters Health) – People with type 2 diabetes who sit all day have a riskier blood fat mixture than those who move around or exercise periodically throughout the day, according to researchers in Australia.

The Foehn feeling

Yesterday at 18:09 PM, via BBC News

For centuries, people in the Alps have attributed health issues, headaches in particular, to the mountain wind known as the Foehn.

Ask Well: Ask Well: Red Cabbage vs. Blueberries?

Yesterday at 17:45 PM, via New York Times

Red cabbage is not as high as blueberries in the antioxidants that give these foods a blue or purple color, but it contains other healthful nutrients.

Dental coverage may be yanked under GOP health care plan

Yesterday at 17:41 PM, via CNN

As Republicans hash out the details of their health plans, dental associations around the country are looking nervously at the future. It has been little talked about, but the dental coverage that children receive and the coverage some adults get through their state’s Medicaid plans and those offered on exchanges could soon disappear.

Caregiver nuns model skillful ways to speak to infirm seniors

Yesterday at 16:44 PM, via Reuters

(Reuters Health) – The sisters caring for cognitively impaired elderly nuns in a Midwestern convent spoke to their care recipients in a way that sounded strikingly different to linguistic anthropologist Anna Corwin.

House Opens Debate Ahead of Vote on Health Bill

Yesterday at 15:57 PM, via New York Times

The Republican legislation, called the American Health Care Act, would, in a rare step, roll back a major social welfare program — with a vote set for Friday afternoon.

House rules panel clears Trump-backed Obamacare repeal bill for debate

Yesterday at 15:20 PM, via Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Legislation that would repeal Obamacare and replace it with a more limited healthcare program for the uninsured was cleared for debate and votes on Friday in the U.S. House of Representatives by the House Rules Committee.

Are vegetable oils healthy?

Yesterday at 14:21 PM, via CNN

In small amounts, vegetable oils are healthy, as they contain fats that are essential in our diets.

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