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SUNDAY, 25 JUNE 2017, 16:03


Are you in with the in crowd? | Mitch Prinstein

Today at 07:00 AM, via The Guardian

The way we deal with popularity at school stays with us for life. But, asks Mitch Prinstein, is it our true self?

At an early point in childhood, we all worked out how popular we really were. Either we knew we were admired and began to worry about maintaining our special influence over others, or we recognised that others were more popular than us and began to seek more attention.


MPs are exploiting young people like me through unpaid internships | Meg Kneafsey

Today at 01:05 AM, via The Guardian

For too long, politicians and businesses have taken advantage of young hopefuls. This scandal must end

Two years ago, then Labour leader Ed Miliband promised to end the scandal of unpaid internships. Yet unpaid internships in MPs’ offices are still being advertised.

Kate Osamor, MP for Edmonton, was forced to apologise and remove her advert last year following widespread public criticism, but...

Schools teach chess to help ‘difficult’ pupils concentrate

Yesterday at 23:30 PM, via The Guardian

Game takes off in primaries as a way to lure pupils away from their phone screens

The year 3 pupils at Park End Primary School in Middlesbrough are a bit of a rowdy bunch. Headteacher Julia Rodwell describes them as “a complex and difficult group”. Put them in front of a chess set though, and silence descends.

“The first time I saw them playing chess, I was absolutely gobsmacked. Their...

On Campus, Failure Is on the Syllabus

Yesterday at 12:00 PM, via New York Times

At Smith College and many other institutions, new programs are there to help students used to achievement and recognition cope with basic setbacks.

Secret Teacher: my school is an echo-chamber for leftwing views

Yesterday at 08:00 AM, via The Guardian

Most of the parents and teachers vote Labour and don’t do enough to help students understand other points of view

I teach in a mixed comprehensive in a constituency where on 8 June over two-thirds voted Labour, where an overwhelming majority voted Labour in the most recent mayoral vote, and where Labour has been the largest party on the local council for decades. A large majority of staff at...

Does It Matter Who Runs New York City’s Schools?

Yesterday at 01:38 AM, via New York Times

Mayoral control of education in New York City is in limbo. Experts say school boards can also be effective, but may be less accountable in a city challenged by poverty.

Exeter school’s uniform resolve melts after boys’ skirt protest

Friday at 19:56 PM, via The Guardian

Isca academy in Devon to ditch policy that boys must wear trousers even in a heatwave after ‘box-pleat rebellion’ caught global attention

The US constitution has long guaranteed the right to bear arms – but now the schoolboys of Exeter have gone one better and won the right to bare legs.

Britain’s heatwave this week sparked open rebellion at Isca academy in Devon, with boys wearing skirts in...

Exeter’s schoolboys in skirts follow a proud tradition of breaking the rules | Anne Perkins

Friday at 19:28 PM, via The Guardian

Those who think education is all about discipline are missing the point. Defying authority is part of growing up

Devising ways to assert autonomy is at the heart of the condition of being human. It is a powerful and necessary instinct and the more that it involves subverting authority, the more beguiling the challenge. From that point of view, the 30 boys at Isca community school in Exeter who...

Stop censoring student journalists – we’re trying to hold universities to account

Friday at 19:04 PM, via The Guardian

Student journalists are just doing their job when they investigate university and student union matters. They shouldn’t be censored

Student journalism is often – and rightly – applauded for the work it does at universities across the country. Many of the bylines that now sit atop newsprint began their days in student newsrooms, chasing stories across campus. Jeremy Paxman began his career...

School holidays row: Isle of Wight man loses legal fight over daughter’s absence

Friday at 18:48 PM, via The Guardian

Jon Platt’s legal battle over his daughter’s term-time holiday ends in disappointment – and bill of £140,000 to taxpayer

A father who took his child out of school for a holiday during term time, sparking a long-running legal fight, has been found guilty of failing to secure her regular attendance.

Jon Platt’s legal fight had previously gone all the way from Isle of Wight magistrates court to...

South Africa: UWC Activists Agree On Demands but Not Methods

Friday at 16:26 PM, via All Africa

[GroundUp] On Monday, a team made up of UWC students acting under the name of the #FeesMustFall (FMF) movement disrupted exams in both the morning and afternoon sessions. Students with fire extinguishers entered exam venues, forcing evacuations that left many nonparticipating students angry and frustrated.

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