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SATURDAY, 24 MARCH 2018, 19:50


As Fighting Season Begins In Afghanistan, Trump Administration Aims For Peace Talks

Yesterday at 22:21 PM, via NPR

The Trump administration aims to turn up the heat on the Taliban and force those fighters into peace talks proposed by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. Positive assessments by U.S. commanders there during a visit by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis are a stark contrast to darker appraisals from the U.S. intelligence community and a top Afghanistan scholar.

What Stake China Has In American Intellectual Property

Yesterday at 22:21 PM, via NPR

NPR’s Audie Cornish speaks with Scott Kennedy, a specialist on China’s economy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies about China’s stake in American intellectual property.

Rebels cornered as Syria and Russia pummel Ghouta

Yesterday at 22:01 PM, via News24

Eastern Ghouta’s six-year rebel rule was in its dying moments Friday as fighters evacuated one of the Syrian enclave’s three remaining pockets and a deal was reached for another.

Gunman shoots three dead in France after ‘Islamist terror’ attack

Yesterday at 21:40 PM, via Reuters

TREBES, France (Reuters) – A gunman killed three people in southwestern France on Friday as he held up a car, fired on police and seized hostages in a supermarket, screaming “Allahu Akbar” before security forces stormed the building and he was killed, authorities said.

Car bomb rips through crowd at Afghan wrestling match

Yesterday at 21:15 PM, via Reuters

LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan (Reuters) – A car bomb killed at least 14 people and wounded dozens more who had gathered to watch a wrestling match in southern Afghanistan on Friday, officials said.

Mexico leftist softens stance on new $13 billion airport, calls for review

Yesterday at 20:44 PM, via Reuters

GUADALAJARA, Mexico (Reuters) – The leftist front-runner for the Mexican presidency softened his critical stance on Mexico City’s $13 billion new airport on Friday, saying he would carefully review the project, instead of threatening to scrap it entirely.

Who’s your friend? Wistful EU embraces May before Brexit

Yesterday at 20:10 PM, via Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – With Brexit a year away, European Union leaders made a point on Friday of embracing Theresa May, with some treating her troubles with Russia and the United States as an opportunity to show Britain who its friends are.

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