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#WaterwiseXmas: The 'new normal' way to celebrate the festive season

06 December 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

It's the festive season and the time of travel, food, fun and family.But with the severe drought in the Western Cape and added water stress in other parts of the country forcing us to think differently about how we celebrate this festive season, we can't #YOLO through the summer holidays. This is why we're hosting a #WaterwiseXmas Twitter chat.Together with our water-conscious co-host Traveller...

Western Cape gearing up to meet summer fire threat

04 December 2017 at 22:22 PM, via CapeNature

The 2017/2018 fire season is expected to be one of the worst in recent memory with hot, dry and windy conditions expected across the province already impacted by a severe drought. Local Government and Environmental Affairs Minister Anton Bredell issued the following appeal, “We are concerned about this season and we implore the public to […]

Let's get #Down2Earth: Food edition

04 December 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

Let's admit it – food will never go out of fashion!Food defines our health goals and well-being, characterises celebration and culture and, simply, brings us together. But how often do you think about the journey of your sushi before it reaches your plate?Everything comes from somewhere.There are risks and benefits associated with every decision we make. We usually base choices on what's...

Pandas slow the flow for #WatershedWednesday

29 November 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

WWF South Africa is driving a day of drastic water disruption known as #WatershedWednesday on 29 November. This day is to call on everyone in shared spaces and corporate offices to experience a simulation of life with limited water.Leading the charge in the workplace, WWF embarked on a “dry run” on Wednesday, 15 November and is doing it again on 29 November in solidarity with corporate South...

Drought is a “watershed moment” for business

29 November 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

Cape Town (29 November 2017). The severe drought in the Western Cape is expected to be a taste of things to come. Businesses and individuals should prepare themselves for the “new normal”, with long-term climate predictions indicating that this region will become increasingly drier in the coming years.This was the message from Christine Colvin, Senior Manager of WWF South Africa's Freshwater...

Bunnies on the Brink

28 November 2017 at 09:25 AM, via CapeNature

According to the Zoological Society of London, the riverine rabbit (Bunolagus monticularis) represents one of the top ten Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) mammal species in the world. Currently listed as Critically Endangered their futures are inextricably linked to the farmers of the Karoo on whose land most of the remaining rabbits occur. The […]

Water Hyacinth Crisis on Hartebeespoort Harties Dam

22 November 2017 at 15:23 PM, via

The post Water Hyacinth Crisis on Hartebeespoort Harties Dam appeared first on Environment News South Africa.

Water hyacinth is the most invasive and rapidly proliferating aquatic weed in the world. It is currently covering more than 30% of the surface of the Hartbeespoort (Harties) Dam in South Africa’s North West Province. The Department of Water and Sanitation have for the last…

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It's time for more toilet talk (or cubicle conversations) in the workplace

21 November 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

With the reality of the drought in the Western Cape digging ever deeper, Klaudia Schachtschneider contemplates how to apply the “let it mellow” rule in public spaces.Having been raised in Namibia, I always fancied myself as a bit of a hard-core conservationist. I was sure I knew all about camping, minimal water use and roughing it.So when the Cape Town water restrictions slowly notched from...

Get Black Friday ready with CapeNature reserves!

16 November 2017 at 13:21 PM, via CapeNature

An unbelievable Black Friday promotion is coming and you’re going to love it. All will be revealed at the stroke of midnight on Friday, 24th November 2017. You’ve been under a rock (at one of our reserves possibly) and you don’t know what Black Friday is? It’s only the biggest online shopping phenomena of the […]

Could offshore wind power be about to take off in Africa?

15 November 2017 at 15:19 PM, via

The post Could offshore wind power be about to take off in Africa? appeared first on Environment News South Africa.

Despite a real boom in the development of global offshore wind power in recent years, several of the world’s leading economies are proving sluggish when it comes to catching up with the early pace-setters. Admittedly, both China and America have invested heavily in land-based...

Plastic bags ban won’t fix Africa’s serious waste problem

15 November 2017 at 14:59 PM, via

The post Plastic bags ban won’t fix Africa’s serious waste problem appeared first on Environment News South Africa.

Africa, it’s fair to say, has long struggled with serious garbage issues. The South African Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) found in 2011 that its citizens generated around 108 million tonnes of waste between them, 90% of which went directly to landfill or open dumps.

Six of the best: breathtaking picnicking and camping sites in the Western Cape this summer

14 November 2017 at 11:34 AM, via CapeNature

CapeNature has a summer lifestyle holiday choice for everyone, from families to young travellers, adventurers to relaxation-seekers with activities galore on offer at your choice of nature reserves across the Western Cape. But if you just want to get away from it all and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in tranquil surroundings this […]

Join #WatershedWednesday to save water in the office

13 November 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

Amid ever-tightening water restrictions across the Western Cape, water awareness in domestic homes is higher than it's ever been but the truth is that many of us continue to waste water out of home. This has to change. Water consumption in Cape Town is too high. The aim is for less than 500 million litres per day. The current use is around 585 million litres per day – which is still 85 million...

Explore champion wine farms with WWF's new app

06 November 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

Our Conservation Champion wine farmers, a group of committed landowners, are lauded for their commitment to sustainable land and water use practices in providing green wine.The Champion Wine Farm Guide is a GPS-enabled digital collection of our 38 champion wine farms offering information on a variety of activities as well as a glance into their conservation journeys. It also provides special...

Test your knowledge with our black rhino quiz

02 November 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

This week you've had a front row seat to WWF's Black Rhino Range Expansion Project's 11th #rhinorelease. Take our quiz to test how much you know about this iconic species!

YFM supporters inspired to ride share in the #WWFcarpooljam

31 October 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

In collaboration with YFM, we challenged the Gauteng youth radio station's supporters to enter the #WWFcarpooljam competition.The competition, which kicked off on 15 October, in the middle of Transport Month, was designed to inspire motorists to think differently about how they get from A to B and consider more environmentally friendly modes of transport.Entering the competition was easy: tweet...

Meet the WWF-SASSI Trailblazers of 2017

24 October 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

Seven South African chefs have been named Trailblazers in the 2017 WWF-SASSI Trailblazer Awards held at Harbour House in the V&A Waterfront on Monday 23 October 2017.They are:

Philip Alcock (SeaBreeze Fish & Shell, Cape Town)Robert Giljam (Societi Bistro, Cape Town)Julie Carter (Ocean Jewels, Cape Town)Giles Edwards (La Tete, Cape Town)Massimo Orione (Massimo's, Cape Town)John McArdle (The Big...

Picture blog: Coming full circle – From capture to release

19 October 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

Being charged by two frustrated black rhinos while WWF CEO Dr Morné du Plessis yells at me to hold on, a drowsy rhino dragging a dozen grown men through the bush before finally being calmed, another two embroiled in a kerfuffle before chasing off a white rhino (twice its size!) that happened upon the site – the first few hours of my day.In contrast to their capture, today is a blazer with...

New landmark for black rhino project

19 October 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

Cape Town, South Africa (20 October 2017). WWF's Black Rhino Range Expansion Project (BRREP) has successfully moved its 11th population of this critically endangered species to a new location where it is hoped the animals will breed quickly and bolster their numbers.In this most recent move, 14 rhinos captured in parks in KwaZulu-Natal were released onto a new reserve at an undisclosed location...

Blog: From the frontline of black rhino conservation

18 October 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

By Melissa du PreezAs I write this, I'm overlooking the hilly landscape of one of WWF's Black Rhino Range Expansion Project (BRREP) sites in KwaZulu-Natal on a Sunday afternoon. A blistering cold front has swept the province and my colleagues and I have been waiting four hours for the heads-up that rangers have found the final of three black rhinos to be captured and relocated in the hope that...

Support WWF without spending a cent

17 October 2017 at 02:00 AM, via WWF

In these tough economic times, it's hard work balancing the budget, let alone finding spare cash to spend on yourself or support a cause that's close to your heart.This is why WWF values every supporter's contribution – no matter how big or small.WWF is one of the beneficiaries of the MyPlanet programme. And this month, when MySchool, MyPlanet, MyVillage celebrates its 20th anniversary, they're...

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