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THURSDAY, 26 APRIL 2018, 16:53


EU wants coordinated vaccine push against measles, other diseases

Today at 15:08 PM, via Reuters

(Reuters) – The European Commission urged EU member states on Thursday to cooperate more closely in fighting diseases such as measles and flu, saying vaccines against them were among the most powerful and cost-effective public health measures.

Advocates counter abstinence-only push with Facebook Live sex ed

Today at 11:20 AM, via CNN

In one video, a bearded young man sits with an inflatable penis on a shelf behind him and talks frankly about sexually transmitted infections. In another, a young Muslim woman comfortably delves into steps and options to consider should viewers ever think they’re pregnant. In a third, a teenager who goes by “they” and “them” pronouns offers insights into the topic of gender identity.

Medieval grave reveals rare ‘coffin birth’

Today at 11:06 AM, via CNN

When the brick coffin of a young woman from medieval Italy was opened after its discovery in 2010, two peculiar things stood out to the researchers: There was a perfect hole in the frontal bone of her skull, and between her pelvis and legs, there was a series of smaller bones belonging to a baby.

The health benefits of a colorful life

Today at 10:39 AM, via CNN

Color permeates all aspects of our lives. It shapes how we perceive the world, it’s an essential part of our cultural identity, and it benefits our health and mind.

New Glucose Monitoring Patch Avoids the Prick

Today at 09:00 AM, via eHealth News

A multidisciplinary team of scientists at the University of Bath in the UK have developed a non-invasive, adhesive patch that can measure glucose levels through the skin without a finger-prick blood test.

This new invention is great news for people living with diabetes because it could enable them to do away with painful blood tests that they are required to do numerous times a day to monitor...

MEDITECH South Africa Appoints New Sales and Marketing Executive

Today at 09:00 AM, via eHealth News

Integrated software solutions company, MEDITECH South Africa has announced the appointment of Dr Ntombi Mutshekwane as their new Sales and Marketing Executive.

Dr Mutshekwane will assume responsibilities on the 2nd of May 2018 and will be leading the company’s effort to bring MEDITECH Expanse, their latest web-based platform, to the Africa and Middle-East markets.

“MEDITECH South Africa is...

Income, education tied to physical function in old age

Today at 01:48 AM, via Reuters

(Reuters Health) – People with lower socioeconomic status may have fewer years of good physical functioning in old age than their more affluent, educated counterparts, a recent study suggests.

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