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SATURDAY, 24 MARCH 2018, 19:50


Weinstein Co says its bankruptcy filing won’t protect ex-chairman

Wednesday at 02:03 AM, via Reuters

NEW YORK/CHICAGO (Reuters) – The Weinstein Company’s bankruptcy filing will not protect ex-Chairman Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual harassment and assault, an attorney for the studio told U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Mary Walrath on Tuesday.

‘The Crown’ producers apologize for royal show pay disparity

Tuesday at 20:25 PM, via Reuters

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The producers of television series “The Crown” apologized on Tuesday for paying the award-winning actress who played Queen Elizabeth less than her male co-star but said nothing about redressing the past imbalance.

‘The Crown’ producers apologize to stars over pay controversy

Tuesday at 17:40 PM, via CNN

The U.K. production company behind Netflix’s “The Crown” has apologized to stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith for thrusting the pair into the middle of a pay equity debate after a producer revealed that Foy was paid less than Smith during the first two seasons of the show.

‘Krypton’ takes off as Superman-themed Syfy prequel

Tuesday at 15:31 PM, via CNN

At a glance “Krypton” looks like this year’s version of “Gotham,” inasmuch as each of these comic-book prequels has as big donut hole in its plot, structured around a marquee character (there, Batman; here, Superman) who doesn’t appear as we’ve come to know him.

Twitter slams Stogie T for ‘get a job’ comment

Tuesday at 15:00 PM, via IOL

Local rapper Tumi “Stogie T” Molekane landed himself in hot after tweeting that a “young dude” approached him at a robot should “get a job” and stop focusing on hip-hop.

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