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SATURDAY, 24 MARCH 2018, 19:52


Pink’s entire family struck by illness

Yesterday at 10:40 AM, via IOL

“Our entire family have been battling this awful virus for two weeks now, and I have battled my way through these shows because postponing sucks,” reveals the singer.

‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ sizes up pretty mechanical sequel

Thursday at 18:31 PM, via CNN

Guillermo del Toro just won an Oscar for “The Shape of Water,” which will likely make “Pacific Rim” recede even further down his resume. But the director’s 2013 movie about giant alien invaders versus Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em robots fared well enough internationally to warrant an encore, so enter “Pacific Rim Uprising,” a monster mashup of movies past with a notable demographic tilt toward the “Power...

‘Isle of Dogs’ scratches quirky itch with animated fantasy

Thursday at 15:47 PM, via CNN

Director Wes Anderson makes his second foray into stop-motion animation with “Isle of Dogs,” a movie filled with enough competing influences to resemble a dog’s breakfast, yet which contains so many pleasing elements as to overcome its somewhat scattershot narrative.

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