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MONDAY, 22 OCTOBER 2018, 10:10


Archeological find changes date of Pompeii’s destruction

16 October at 20:36 PM, via The Guardian

Inscription suggests Mount Vesuvius erupted weeks later than previously thought

A newly-discovered inscription at Pompeii proves the city was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius after 17 October AD79 and not on 24 August as previously thought.

Archeologists recently discovered that a worker had inscribed the date of “the 16th day before the calends of November”, meaning 17 October, on a house at...

Academics are being harassed over their research into transgender issues | Letter

16 October at 18:38 PM, via The Guardian

It is not transphobic to investigate this area from a range of critical perspectives, say 54 academics who are also concerned about proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act

We represent a newly formed network of over 100 academics, most of whom are currently employed in UK universities. We are concerned, from a range of academic perspectives, about proposed governmental reforms to the...

‘She’s better than the Maybot’: PM upstaged by actual robot

16 October at 18:11 PM, via The Guardian

Sadly the education committee failed to ask Pepper the robot the naughtiest thing she’s ever done

On Monday, the prime minister spent the best part of two hours failing to explain why she had bothered to come to the House of Commons to give a statement on the progress of the Brexit negotiations when she didn’t have anything to say. Theresa May crashed and burned into random binary numbers as...

Snubbed, cheated, erased: the scandal of architecture’s invisible women

16 October at 16:23 PM, via The Guardian

They are among the most talented architects of their age. Yet the credit, praise and awards have gone to the men instead. Meet the women who are tired of being written out of history

Denise Scott Brown was an associate professor when she married Robert Venturi in 1967. She had taught at the universities of Pennsylvania and Berkeley, and initiated the first programme in the new school of...

Frontline training scheme poses a threat to social work education

16 October at 12:57 PM, via The Guardian

Government should halt £50m tender to extend the fast-track children’s social work training programme

A recent Society Guardian piece suggested social work academics and the Frontline fast-track training scheme should end their “feud”. This distracts from important questions about what Frontline means for the future of social work education and practice.

Frontline is seen by the academic...

The UK’s green discoveries: plastic-eating enzymes and seawater biofuels

16 October at 08:30 AM, via The Guardian

Researchers across the UK are working hard to prevent further climate breakdown. Here are their latest findings

We don’t have long to get our act together on climate change, according to a UN report released earlier this month. In the next 12 years, we need to reverse the trend of Earth’s increasing temperature or face drought, floods and extreme heat – and devastating knock-on effects felt...

‘There’s no plan B’: academics race to safeguard research against Brexit

16 October at 08:15 AM, via The Guardian

With science, IT and archaeology among subjects heavily funded by the EU, leaving with no deal would be cataclysmic, say universities

Prof Chris Gosden, director of the institute of archaeology at Oxford University, is bracing himself for potential disaster after Brexit. Europe funds 38% of archaeological research in the UK and with no plan B, Gosden fears his discipline could dwindle unless an...

Principal closes college for staff and students to march on Westminster

16 October at 08:00 AM, via The Guardian

Protesters to join colleges from around UK to highlight discriminatory funding of further education

In his tailored navy suit and tortoiseshell spectacles, Gerry McDonald looks an unlikely rebel. Yet on Wednesday this well-mannered college principal will make history when he shuts the college doors and heads for Westminster.

He is urging staff and as many of the 25,000 students as possible to...

Shift over, Jeremy Corbyn, and let Angela Rayner do her job | Laura McInerney

16 October at 07:45 AM, via The Guardian

The Labour leadership is stifling its increasingly popular education spokeswoman

Labour should be unbelievably popular with teachers right now. School budgets are shot, which led to an unprecedented protest by headteachers. Teacher retention is at a record low and the government has missed all recruitment targets for five years. Secondary school places are in short supply. And yet, in a recent

Where are our irreplaceable graduation photos?

15 October at 08:00 AM, via The Guardian

Ede & Ravenscroft failed to send them within six weeks – and won’t give me a refund

I graduated from the University of Birmingham in early July. I had ordered photos from Ede & Ravenscroft which cost £60 plus £7 postage and packing. The estimated delivery was four to six weeks after the event. Six weeks later, the photos had not arrived. This was annoying as I was hoping to take them to my...

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