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MONDAY, 22 OCTOBER 2018, 10:08


Melinda Gates speaks on smoothing the shift to digital age

Saturday at 12:00 PM, via Fin24

Melinda Gates speaks to AP about foundation-supported effort to smooth the shift to the digital age, ensuring the jobs lost to robots and artificial intelligence will be replaced with better opportunities

How to invest meaningfully in Africa

Saturday at 10:00 AM, via IOL

African public equity markets are different from more developed markets regarding accessibility, correlation to external factors and liquidity.

How to make sure your car insurance claim is not rejected

Saturday at 09:00 AM, via BusinessTech

Being involved in even a minor car accident is traumatic enough – the last thing you want is to have your insurance claim rejected on top of that, particularly if it’s due to something that could’ve easily been prevented by merely adhering to your policy’s requirements.

OPINION: Impact investing is booming – and SA should step up

Saturday at 08:00 AM, via Fin24

Impact investors manage some $224bn globally – which doubled in a year – and the last decade saw many new investment vehicles that embed impact into capital allocation. Ahead of the investment summit, SA should note the trend, says Aunnie Patton Power.

These are South Africa’s 46 Blue Flag beaches for 2018

Saturday at 07:00 AM, via BusinessTech

The Wildlife & Environment Society of South Africa has announced that 66 Blue Flags will be flown at 46 beaches, eight marinas and by 12 sustainable tourism boats around South Africa over the forthcoming 2018/19 Blue Flag season.

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