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MONDAY, 22 OCTOBER 2018, 10:09


Africa:Africa – A Rationale for Economic Integration

Friday at 10:23 AM, via allAfrica

[Fahamu] This article discusses about the conceptual underpinnings of economic integration among sovereign states, countries’ motivations for seeking membership in economically integrated blocs, the necessity of economic integration, and the necessity of economic integration beyond the current and unprecedented attacks on its relevance by some countries.

Africa:Is It Time for Africa to Teach Europe What Democracy and Passive Racism Are?

Friday at 10:23 AM, via allAfrica

[Fahamu] The extraordinary double standard that exists towards Africa whereby some European countries that have totally flawed and corrupted systems presume to lecture Africans on their systems and assume to take a superior stance is symptomatic of a mind-set that represents a very potent form of passive racism in Europe.

Nigerian football officials charged with $9.5m fraud

Friday at 09:23 AM, via News24

Three Nigerian football officials have been charged with fraud after allegedly diverting $9.5m in FIFA grants for personal use, the country’s anti-corruption unit said Thursday.

Africa:Making the Continent’s Women More Visible

Friday at 06:25 AM, via allAfrica

[Deutsche Welle] Ghanaian networker Flossy Menson champions the cause of Africa’s women. The SHEROES Foundation director is hosting the non-profit’s 2018 forum in Liberia. She tells DW about her efforts to make women more visible.

Abiy Ahmed’s Ethiopian exceptionalism

Friday at 00:00 AM, via Mail & Guardian Online

Ethiopia’s new prime minister is trying to do things differently. If he succeeds, the consequences will be felt beyond his borders

Report: South Sudan armed opposition seized girls as ‘wives’

Thursday at 20:05 PM, via News24

South Sudan’s armed opposition abducted women and girls as young as 12 and lined them up so commanders could choose “wives,” and those not selected were left to be raped repeatedly by other fighters, a new UN report has said.

Water, power supplies cut off on strife-torn Comoros island -residents

Thursday at 17:42 PM, via Reuters

MORONI (Reuters) – Comoros authorities have cut off water and power supplies in the capital city of Anjouan province as part of efforts to quell unrest against constitutional changes to extend presidential term limits, residents said on Thursday.

New Zimbabwe documentary on massacres takes aim at president

Thursday at 17:36 PM, via News24

A new documentary on massacres by Zimbabwe’s military has led to harsh exchanges as the 1980s killings challenge a new president who preaches unity but refuses to apologise for his alleged role in one of the country’s deepest wounds.

EU moves closer to overcoming migration feud

Thursday at 16:35 PM, via Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The head of the European Parliament said on Thursday EU countries who refuse to host refugees could instead pay more for EU migration and development projects in Africa, signalling possible compromise to end a bruising dispute in the bloc.

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