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MONDAY, 22 OCTOBER 2018, 10:34


Keino denies wrongdoing, tells AP he didn’t control money

Friday at 15:21 PM, via News24

Kip Keino has denied wrongdoing in the Kenyan Olympic corruption scandal, telling The Associated Press that he didn’t have control over the government money that prosecutors say was embezzled and misused around the time of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Gam

Africa:Climate Change and Poverty in Africa

Friday at 15:10 PM, via allAfrica

[ISS] Human activity has caused the temperature of the Earth and its atmosphere to rise by about 1°C above pre-industrial levels, triggering fundamental changes to the planet’s physical and social landscapes. On 8 October an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that temperatures were rising faster than expected, and that 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels could occur as early as 2030.

Africa:Is There a Remittance Trap?

Friday at 14:35 PM, via allAfrica

[IPS] Washington DC -Workers’ remittances–the money migrants send home to their families–command the attention of economists and policymakers because of their potential to improve the lives of millions of people.

Pioneering school in Cairo struggles to fund pupils

Friday at 14:20 PM, via News24

Among the poorest of Egypt’s poor, the so-called “zabbaleen” who scavenge through garbage to eke out a living in a Cairo slum struggle to keep their children in school.

Rwandan leader reshuffles team after losing foreign minister

Friday at 14:19 PM, via News24

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has carried out a major ministerial reshuffle following the voluntary departure of foreign minister Louise Mushikiwabo, notably removing his influential defence minister from the post.

DRC presidential hopeful says she was barred from travel

Friday at 12:37 PM, via News24

The sole woman candidate in Democratic Republic of Congo’s tense presidential race has accused the government of blocking her from travelling abroad, two months before elections to replace Joseph Kabila.

Africa:Drug Company Profits Vs. Public Health

Friday at 12:11 PM, via allAfrica

[AfricaFocus] “Oxfam examined publicly available data on subsidiaries of four of the largest US drug companies and found a striking pattern. In the countries analyzed that have standard corporate tax rates, rich or poor, the corporations’ pretax profits were low. In eight advanced economies, drug company profits averaged 7 percent, while in seven developing countries they averaged 5 percent....

Africa:Ernest Aubee Wins Award for Mitigating Aflatoxin in Africa

Friday at 11:05 AM, via allAfrica

[Foroyaa] A Gambian Mr Ernest Aubee, the Head of the Agriculture Division of the ECOWAS Commission in Abuja, Nigeria was the recipient of an Agent of Change Award for his exceptional work in Policy and Creating an Enabling Environment for Aflatoxin Mitigation in Africa. Mr Aubee was recognized for the very many activities in the ECOWAS region and on the continent for mitigating the harmful...

Gunfire in Comoros as govt tightens crackdown

Friday at 10:34 AM, via News24

Comoros security forces have intensified their crackdown against anti-government rebels on the island of Anjouan, with witnesses reporting heavy gunfire on the fourth day of clashes.

Africa:Africa Court Rules That Uganda Must Pay Former LRA Commander Thomas Kwoyelo for Illegal Detention

Friday at 10:26 AM, via allAfrica

[International Justice Monitor] The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights has ruled that Uganda must pay former Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) commander Thomas Kwoyelo for illegal detention and violation of rights to a fair trial. The ruling comes at a critical point in Kwoyelo’s trial, with the International Crimes Division (ICD) court in Uganda set to start hearing testimony in...

Africa:Altron, Huawei Seal IOT Partnership for Africa

Friday at 10:25 AM, via allAfrica

[CAJ News] Johannesburg -HUAWEI and Altron, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed technology company, have partnered to deliver tangible and real Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for businesses in Africa.

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